Miniputer is a site dedicated to notebooks, laptops, netbooks, tablets, pda, smartphones, and other devices, that can be considered small computers. At the first stage we plan to add specifications of modern laptops and netbooks, possibly from a few major manufacturers only. At the second stage we will expand the site into searchable database, where it will be possible to compare specifications of two different notebooks/netbooks/devices, while still working on adding more manufacturers. Eventually we will start adding older devices, and potentially extend the database to include pictures, benchmarks and other information, that could be useful for those, who plan to buy new laptop, and those, who already own it. It's too early to tell how successful this project is going to be, but I'm comfortable that it won't be a complete failure. After all, this is not my first web project...

The site may look pretty crude at the beginning, before we put new design in place. The first and the only manufacturer in out database is:


We're still in a process of collecting notebook specifications, therefore the specifications are not complete yet.

Gennadiy Shvets